Hello! I'm J.C. and this is my website!

I am a self made millionaire...
...minus the millionaire part.

I like art stuff, sneaker stuff, web stuff... stuff is cool.

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Why Hello to you too!

In a nutshell

Hello, my name is J.C. Watson from Middletown, CT. I am a self taught Web Designer, Graphic Designer, and Photographer and received a college degree in Communications where I learned Marketing skills and how to videograph and edit. Currently working using all my skills.

I do things...

  • Artwork - Graphic Design, Painting and Drawing
  • Photo - Mostly with my DSLR
  • Video - Pictures in motion
  • Web - Design and Programming
  • Social & Branding - How I've helped companies increase their online presence

Thank You!

For what ever reason you are on my website. And I thank you. Please enjoy it. I don't only do this stuff for a living but it is also my hobby and I love my work and hobby... hopefully it shows!

Latest Projects


Blends x Vans


CT Outdoor Services Website


CT Outdoor Services